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Website Development

Website Development could mean either a catalogue website, or E-commerce based or a web based application to manage and operate your business. Whatever the purpose, it forms a critical asset in your digital portfolio. We help design and develop websites for multiple purposes. Wether you're a start-up or a multi-national, we have solutions for all. Our web assets are custom designed and suited for multiple screen resolutions and browsers.

App Development

We develop apps for IOS and Android. Native or hybrid, we follow an ROI based model to ensure that your app achieves its goals in the least possible clicks. The UI and UX is developed through research on human behaviour and eye-tracking to ensure continued engagement and monetization of the app.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and the related media mix determine the sustained growth of your business. We at Wiztech specialize in performance based marketing suited to all wallets. Be it Adwords or Social Media Ad platforms, we excel at extracting the most returns from invested ad budgets. We build brands based on strong communications with a "What's in it for me?" approach from the customer stand point.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the new age bill boards that proudly displays your business based on your credentials. Search Engine Optimization follows a pull-based marketing strategy. While the on-page aspects take care of the crawlability of the website, the off-page activities ensure that enough touch-points are created for people to reach your website. The eventual goal is increase in website traffic and that is what Wiztech excels at!

Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing acts as your mouthpiece in the online space. It opens up communication channels with your customers and prospects. We help you, through consistent communication on Social media to drive home your brand communication. We help you craft social media content that not only adds recall value to your brand but also build new interest.

Content Marketing

Content development is a critical aspect of putting your brand communication to practice. We help develop content that engages your prospective customers to convert them to your actual customers. Be it for print advertising, or social media content, we do it all.